Raw and Vegan Chocolate by CocoCaravan

Raw - Organic - Vegan Chocolate

Chocoa Amsterdam - Chocolate Review by Chocriti

Chocoa Amsterdam - Chocolate Review by Chocriti

Review by Chocriti

Coco Caravan had easter eggs made from (actually good tasting!) raw chocolate filled with liquid caramel. Yum.
The chai caramel bar is lovely as well. The spices come through very well. Each component in this bar complements the next, and the final product is greater than the sum of the components! Well done!

Crumbs cooks with... Coco Caravan

Chocoholics that we are here at Crumbs, we weren’t about to turn down the chance to visit Jacques Cöp from raw, vegan chocolatiers Coco Caravan to see where the chocolaty magic happens…

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The Dark Chocolatier

Now this is a dark chocolate with punch! I simply am utterly delighted by this chocolate.

Bean to Bar Ashaninka Chocolate by CocoCaravan

4 reasons why you need to visit Cheltenham Vegan Fair


By Cotswolds leading trend magazine Crumbs

In the Larder

Great mention of our Date and Caramel bar. Many people’s favourite.


Meet the Maker


Mast Brothers and CocoCaravan

Our favourite seasonal taste sensation has been given the raw, vegan chocolate treatment from British handmade chocolate brand, Coco Caravan.

We at Cococaravan are particularly proud that we share this list with the Mast Brothers.

Women's Health Magazine


Give someone some extra Ka-pow with raw cacao.

We are proud that our hard work and Ethos has been recognised by the project. 

We source our Cacao and Nectar for fair trade projects 

The list of the Food Empowerment Project’s contains vegan chocolate makers that source their chocolate where no slavery has been used.

This Vegan Life

We also discovered the mighty fine Coco Caravan chocolate. Date Caramel was scrumptious and extra points for suave packaging design. Plus, I love caravans.





Chocolate for Breakfast

Huge thanks to @cococaravan for this amazing stuff. It literally melts in your mouth, has no refined sugars, and of course the best part it’s also DAIRY-FREE!


Edward is a fantastic chef full of buzz and energy. Its was great to be interviewed by him. 

Check out his EthiVegan site for cool recipes, interview and tips

Eurobean Festival in Germany

Great to be there in Beautiful Eastern Germany

Vegan Life Magazine

Vegan Easter eggs that prove you don’t need to miss out on amazing chocolate

Raw Chocolate Review in FemininBIO

Raw Chocolate Review in FemininBIO

Great write up in the French press Femininbio

Orange and Caramel Raw Chocolate - Great Taste Winner

Orange Caramel Picks up a Golden Star in the Great Taste Awards

We're mighty proud to have an other star to our name. We won one last year with our Date and Caramel and to win this year again is a superb achievement.

Creative Hacks

Trendwatchers Creative Hacks celebrates fun, imagination and adventure in modern life

Six vegan chocolate brands that taste better than dairy ones

If you can’t consume dairy products, it’s hard to get a chocolate fix when you need it. Thank goodness for these six artisans of vegan chocolate! And CocoCaravan is one of them.

WOW 24/7 

Trend watchers website WOW 24/7 tipped Coco Caravan as one of 10 of the best chocolatiers in Wales

MADE in Cardiff TV

Being interviewed for our win in the Great Taste Awards in 2014 and what this means for local food


Being interviewed regarding our Kickstarter project

Great Taste Award

Our raw chocolate bar, filled with sliced dates and vegan caramel has been awarded with a star in the 2014 Great Taste Awards. 

Great Taste Award Winner

Great Taste Award Winner

Buzz Magazine: Cococaravan one of five best Chocolatiers in Wales


I bought some local, organic, raw, vegan, fairly traded chai flavour chocolate the other day and have just enjoyed it with a pot of malty Assam tea. I enjoyed it so much that I had to write about it!

I have been known to make raw chocolates myself, following recipes from 'Jessica's Raw Chocolate Recipes' and a few impromptu variations, but we are always on the look out for new varieties of raw chocolate in health food stores.  

Just when we think we have sampled all the brands available, a new one pops up for us to savour.

We met Jacques from Coco Caravan a year or so back in Bristol.  We loved Jacques (such a lovely guy) and we loved his chocolate (does that make it cupboard love?).  We can't get it locally so have ordered it a couple of times for treats so anything that gets more of his chocolate circulating in the vegan world and nearer to us has got to be worth it right?