Raw and Vegan Chocolate by CocoCaravan

Raw - Organic - Vegan Chocolate

Coconut Blossom Nectar


  • Organic, Certified Fair Trade, GMO-Free, Gluten-free, vegan

  • Low-glycemic verified

  • High nutrient and unrefined

  • 100% liquid and pure flower-blossom nectar

  • Not mixed with cane sugar or corn syrup


Our supplier from Big Tree Farms works with over 3,000 organic coconut farmers on the island of Java to produce the world’s most incredible sweetener; coconut palm sugar and nectar. Palm sugars are the world’s oldest sweeteners with over 6,000 years of history and perhaps nowhere else on earth are these sweeteners integrated so completely into both cuisine and traditional healing.

Before the producers were considered some of the most marginalized and poor in the country. Income, education and access to basic services was very low and in some cases.

Now however things have changed. Our supplier has been directly involved with the creation of farmer organizations, internal control systems and organic certificates for the producers and their product.

They oversee a number of small cooperative maintained "sugarhouses" and directly own and operate multiple coconut palm nectar processing facilities to ensure final quality assurance for all our coconut palm sugar products.

The result has been success on many levels, not the least of which is a viable living wage for all of the producers.

Other key community points:

  • 100% of the money from growing, harvesting and primary processing of this ingredient stays in the local communities.

  • Our sustainable supply chain manages direct producer programs in value addition education and practice, market access and small business/cooperative management.

  • Through market access and production training, smallholder sugar-tappers have risen well above the poverty line and are able to earn an increase in personal income of close to 200% while maintaining a competitive market price as a cane sugar alternative!

  • Coconut palm sugar has the single highest potential for lifting these farmers into a better life while creating a net benefit to their surrounding environment and providing you, the consumer, a healthier and more sustainable sweetener.

Coconut Blossom Nectar from Big Tree Farms in Java, Indonesia

Health and Sweetness

The blossom of the coconut tree produces a nutrient rich nectar that can be tapped. This sap is a rich source of minerals, 17 different amino acids, vitamin C, broad-spectrum B vitamins, and a neutral pH. Further more the nectar is not processed, and that makes it so much better than most other raw sweeteners such as agave.

Containing short and medium-chain fatty acids, the nectar is perfect. Compared to brown sugar, coconut nectar has twice as much iron, four times as much magnesium, and ten times as much zinc.

Where normal sugars can give you a sugar rush, most people no sugar rush, or crash with Coconut blossom nectar.

Other 'natural' sweetners like Xylitol or Agave are made through an often intensive or chemical process and have adverse impacts to our body or the environment. Only Coconut Nectar is unrefined, un processed, is low in fructose and can be digested easily by the body.

It is how ever still a sweetener and should be consumed as such.