Raw and Vegan Chocolate by CocoCaravan

Raw - Organic - Vegan Chocolate

Good Ingredients

The desire to breathe the cleanest air, to drink the purest water, should also mean that we would eat the purest foods. Your body carries and nourishes your soul through life, so it is important that you put only the best ingredients in.

Today's society has in many ways lost the purity and sensation of real foods. Best way to explain, is to taste fruit at the height of its season, perfect sweet, perfect texture and perfect taste: imagine that with chocolate. Todays chocolate is processed, full of refined sugars, fats, GMO Soy lectin and other additives. We have rediscovered chocolate and used raw cacao from the ancient Criollo Cacao bean and sweetened with unrefined liquid coconut nectar. All the goodness is preserved and available immediately. This is best experienced by letting the chocolate melt in your mouth and enjoy every taste note. 

In designing our vegan chocolate recipes and making our chocolates, we only choose the best and healthiest of base materials. We aim to combine the ultimate chocolate experience with nuts, dried fruits, spices and various caramels. Every ingredient is made from raw products and compiled in the chocolate under low heat. Our caramels are made at higher temperatures .

Why do we choose to use Coconut Nectar as our sweetener? This nectar gives a beautiful toffee flavour and has a very low GI-index, not giving you a sugar rush but a much nicer and healthier chocolate rush.

We like to make our chocolates available for everyone, we have chosen to only make vegan and free of gluten peanuts or brazil nuts.

Purity and Energy

When you make something beautiful, it is our belief that the ingredients need to be beautiful as well. That goes for taste, but most importantly also for ethics and environment.

That is why we chose our products because they are certified organic, Fairtrade or ethically traded.

We do not allow for short cuts, nasties, additives and no destructive processes. It's all for you, all the love, passion and the joy.

As for working with our products we know that depending on where the cacao bean grows, it adopts flavours from the surrounding plants, resulting in hints of citrus fruits, coffee, or peppers.

Chocolate is unique in this and we believe that this goes for positive energy and happiness as well. Just to be sure most chocolates are made whilst dancing...... it's not yet scientifically proven, but most people agree upon first bite, the funk is there....