Raw and Vegan Chocolate by CocoCaravan

Raw - Organic - Vegan Chocolate

Jacques & Patricia - food cultures

Jacques & Patricia - food cultures

Jacques Cop & Patricia Brien

Coco Caravan is Jacques' business, he set it up and his passion has moved it along for the past 5 years. After working as an Ecologist for 10 years, he decided to be his own boss and make something that would make people happy . Before working as Ecologist he worked in various places and guises, including Marketing consultant, salesperson, freelance photographer and as a cook in various kitchens in Amsterdam.


Patricia is Creative Director and has been working with Jacques since the beginning. She proudly designed the Mandala and deals mainly with the aesthetic of the brand. Her background is media, writing, research and many years of teaching at universities in NL, Australia and the UK. 



Pete Smith

Pete Smith - Graphic Design

Never one to panic, we've been most blessed to have Pete Smith working with the team for several years now. He is a professional graphic designer who's day job is teaching new generations of university students the beauty of Graphic Communication. His knowledge  is outstanding and we would highly recommend his speedy skillset and relaxed personality.